World Smokefree May 2022 – We’re backing you!

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World Smokefree May 2022 – We’re backing you!

Apr 20, 2022

Hāpai Te Hauora is proud to declare that this year Aotearoa will celebrate ‘World Smokefree May’, as part of a national campaign for Aotearoa to be Smokefree by 2025. World Smokefree May’ will lead up to the celebration of ‘World Smokefree Day’ on Tuesday the 31st May 2022 in line with the annual international day created by the World Health Organisation in 1987.

The theme is “We’re Backing You”, with a focus on the team effort to support whanau to quit and stay Smokefree. The key messages focus on whanaungatanga and wrap-around support, who provides it, and how. The theme is matched with a three-word whakatauki;

“Taituara, taiwhare, taieke” : with backing, even the tallest of oceans waves can be conquered

This year’s theme for World Smokefree May 2022 was chosen by brilliant and insightful rangatahi as a reflection of the teamwork and endurance of our connections and relationships over the past year.

You will find helpful resources and links for whanau, organisations, rangatahi and communities to be connected during the month of May. In celebration, Hāpai Te Hauora has created events across social media and kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) with the aim of encouraging those who are thinking about quitting to take the first step and put their plan into action.

 “Hāpai Te Hauora is built on whānau, and we have decades of supporting the Smokefree2025 goal, alongside our collective efforts to achieve Tupeka Kore for all communities in Aotearoa. Being smokefree is essential to our future and the future of our whakapapa. As we always have and will continue to do – we’re backing you.”

– Selah Hart, CEO Hāpai Te Hauora